Hi, I'm Farrah!

I am so happy you have found your way to this page! I am so excited to give you a bit of the background story behind Farrah Beauty & Co.
First off, hello there beautiful soul!!!
I'm Farrah, from Michigan a 20 year+ avid lash wearer, and obsessed with all things hair!
Don't ask me why, all I can tell you is since I was a little girl, fluffy lashes and full hair have been my go-to look. A few years ago, I went through a very dark period in my life where I lost all my hair and self-confidence :(
This made me see how a head full of hair can become a key element in our identity as women. Or at least for me, this was absolutely the case! So, to allow my hair to grow while I worked on my health, (mentally and physically), I wore hair extensions and wigs; and of course, faux lashes.
This journey led me to shop with many other hair company's offering hair that was not as described, or at a price point that was out of my budget. I then dug deeper into the hair industry only to learn the various ways customers were getting scammed, sold a dream, being left feeling upset about their purchase from the company they thought they trusted. After realizing there is such a great need for a reliable hair vendor, I  created Farrah Beauty & Company. My goal was, and still is, to help women all over the world shop with confidence that their products purchased here are as described, priced fairly, and always the absolute highest quality.
My promise to you is this: If you shop with me, you can be 100% confident that I will never sell something that I would not personally wear!
I hope to help women all over the world stay beautiful, enhance their beautiful, or find new ways to showcase their beautiful; all while getting great value in the products they love.
Power is loving yourself with or without.
Farrah  💓