Fusion Micro Bead Hair Extensions - Jet Black

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If you can't bear a bit of wear and tear

These Jet Black Micro Bead Hair Extensions add that extra length and volume to your hair, minus the damage. The extensions are durable and can be styled in straight or curly looks. Dark and dramatic, this shade is the perfect jet black shade that blends with any jet black hair color.

These heat and chemical-free extensions are for you

With the least possible damage to your natural hair, the Micro Bead method may be the hair solution you've been looking for! Along with proper, and educated maintenance, this extension option will damage your hair the least, and last longer than 70% of other hair extension methods. The best part about Micro Bead is the ability to apply more heating tools to straighten and curl your hair than more traditional methods may allow. Please Remember: to give your natural hair the tender care it deserves, only install the Micro Bead method by a certified technician. 

Micro Bead Features:

  • Length: 20"
  • Fusion: Micro Bead
  • Style: Bone Straight
  • Color: #1 - Jet Black
  • Weight: 1 gram per strand
  • Quantity: 25 strands per pack
    Fusion Micro Bead Hair Extensions - Jet Black - Farrah Beauty
    Fusion Micro Bead Hair Extensions - Jet Black - Farrah Beauty